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The retailer can then focus their resources to turn these new customers into loyal clients. The main ambassadors of this type are Groupon , LivingSocial , Eversave , and others. This type is very similar to the coupon clipping websites, minus clipping part. When paying at the cash desk, the coupons are scanned with the card and automatically deducted. Get the inspiration from services like Cellfire. These are directories that aggregate links to the best, last-minute, ongoing deals from other retailers and coupon websites.

They may even post product overviews, reviews and comparisons to help their subscribers get the best of the best deals. Cashback became very popular several years ago and today almost everyone takes advantage of cashbacks to return a percentage from their purchases. How do they get revenue?

Coupon (bond)

Then, they share a part of this cut with the buyer. The additional source of revenue may also come from sharing coupons to be used in combination with a cashback promo. The current best in class for these services are Ebate , Mr. Rebates , EvoShare , and many others. Deals may be in a form of giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests for prizes. For retailers, this is another way to advertise their brand and attract new customers. How about buying a gift card with a discount? There are websites that accumulate the best gift card deals and sell them on their platform.

Users can purchase electronic or physical cards that will be delivered to the user. Also, some cards can be purchased, downloaded and then printed to be used for shopping. You can see the gift cards discounts on Cardpool , GiftCardGranny.

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Of course, you are not obliged to restrict yourself with only one type of coupons and deal websites. A mixture of several types allows you to reach a larger audience with different preferences. Help: Amazon Coupon Terms & Conditions

But at the same time, it is better to have less but provide great quality than have tons of services but poorly implemented. An example of a combination of types is Pgeveryday. Whatever type of coupon website you are going to develop, there will be always a similar set of core features. You may allow registered businesses to add deals by themselves or delegate all listing moderation to the site Admins. All confirmed deals will be shown in the catalog according to their categories.

Depending on the website type and the discount services you are going to provide coupon clipping, cash back, loyalty card discount, etc. For example, in the case of coupon clipping website, you will need to create a mechanism for saving, downloading, and printing the coupons from the website. Implementation of a smart search engine will add a significant advantage to your website as users will appreciate quick and accurate browsing results retrieval. To help users easily find what they need and not to get lost in the variety of deals, your website should have an explicit system of categories.

As an example, Groupon has 3 categories: Local events, beauty and spa, restaurants, home, and automotive , Goods electronics, sporting goods, jewelry, items for kids, household items, and fashion , and Getaways hotels and travel packages deals. If your website is going to service multiple locations, it is necessary to build an automatic geospatial identification of user location on your website.

A user profile should be created right after completion of a registration process. Limiting deals with time adds a sense of urgency and stimulates customers to make quicker decisions. Add countdowns and show how many items were already bought and how many are still in the stock to force the purchase activity.

Adding as many payment options as possible allows for enlarging the pool of your customers. The thing is that many regions are still not supported by PayPal and other seemingly wide-spread payment methods. So users should have more options to pay to be satisfied with your service. One of the best marketing and sales triggers is informing users about new deals and coupons via email and push notifications. So do not neglect this opportunity and add the option to your website.

Step by Step Guide to Ordering Clipped Coupons

With the abundance of proposed similar deals, a user may feel hesitant in making the right choice. When you already defined the scope of your requirements, you may start researching how to make a coupon website with existing technical implementation options. To build a daily deal website, you may go with several options.

There are:.

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If you are already acquainted with WordPress, you should know that this is far more than just a blogging platform. Many websites of different specializations are based on WordPress with the help of plugins. With such a big number of similar code websites, vulnerabilities are inevitable. Thus, many Groupon-clone scripts appeared. While there are many ready-build scripts and plugins for CMS that seem quite affordable and simple in use, they may not cover all your needs.

Entrepreneurs who are determined to create a lasting business need a secure, scalable, and unique website. Finding a reliable web development agency may be not a trivial deal especially with such an overcrowded IT market. When items are featured in a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, at least one product needs to be purchased. Due to inactivity, you will be signed out of Walgreens.

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