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Entertainment packages are also available on Pay Monthly with a handset. Vodafone Unlimited Fair Usage Policy. EE also now offers unlimited data plans, which come in a choice of 3 types of plan, namely a basic unlimited plan, a 4G Smart plan and a 5G Smart plan, the latter of which offers unlimited 5G. All plans come with tethering included, 15GB roaming allowance per month in 48 EU countries, and no speed caps, although only the 5G Smart plan gives you access to 5G speeds.

Those who have multiple plans on their account can also gift up to GB of data per month to another EE account, which is good for those with children with heavy data usage. There is a premium to pay for choosing EE, but the network offers higher average 4G speeds and has more widespread 4G coverage than its rivals. Personal, non-commercial use only. If you regularly tether 12 or more devices, we will consider this non-personal use and have the right to move you to a more suitable plan. There are no speed restrictions, but the plans won't give you access to O2's 5G network when it launches in October.

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However, at that time new 5G unlimited plans will be made available. Plans also includes unlimited tethering, so you can share internet with other devices over a personal hotspot. You may not use your Unlimited Data for a commercial or illegal purposes, b as a mobile hotspot where you are tethering more than 12 devices to your device. Where you regularly tether to 12 or more devices or have used GB of data twice within a 6 month period then we may investigate your usage further to ascertain whether your Unlimited Data usage is for the Permitted Use. Where following such investigation we determine or reasonably suspect that your usage is for purposes other than the Permitted Use then we reserve the right to transfer you to a more suitable plan.

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Related reading: O2 Coverage and Network Review. There are some restrictions, with only the first 40GB of use per month being at full 4G speeds.

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After that speeds are capped at kbps between 8am and midnight, which is quite slow. You can tether, but the same speed restrictions apply.

Related reading: GiffGaff Review and Coverage. Related reading: Lycamobile Review and Coverage. There are also restrictions when roaming, with you currently capped at Related reading: Virgin Mobile Review and Coverage. We've handpicked the best unlimited data SIM only deals on the market today. They are only in place to identify commercial usage, so those using the plans for legitimate personal usage should not worry about them as they aren't really relevant. Speeds restricted to kbps after 9GB usage and tethering not permitted.

The other UK networks currently don't offer unlimited data.

However, many do have high data limits. Note also that there are restrictions to data use when roaming which vary based on your usual data limit and how much you pay each month. You can find a guide to these here. It also has data-only plans with up to 30GB. You can use all of your data for tethering or roaming.

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However, if you use more than 15GB per billing cycle while roaming, a surcharge may be applied. BT also has an Extra Speed service, giving you twice the speed of standard 4G. You can use this data to tether if you also subscribe to its Premier service. All plans come with 4G speeds as standard. You can use any or all of this for tethering and up to 15GB for free roaming. You can also get up to 50GB of data with a tablet. You can use as much of this as you want for tethering or roaming. Pay as you go deals like this are only viable for very light users as you can quickly drain credit. Three offers 4G across most of the UK too so the connection is reliable in a lot of areas.

It offers fantastic value when compared to some month SIM only contracts and day deals.

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That leaves:. EE offers a range of preloaded data sims and they either expire after 30 or 90 days. You can also opt to order a free SIM and top it up at a later date with a data only bundle that lasts either 7 or 30 days. This plan means you will pay 20p a minute, 20p a text and 20p for every 5MB of data.

Just remember that some apps do use data in the background which will trigger a 20p charge. The deals below are 30 day plans that auto-renew every 30 days. Apart from pay as you go 1 this the only option for having a data only SIM on the Vodafone network. Three offers four preloaded pay as you go data-only SIM cards each with a varying expiration time. O2 call their offering tablet SIM cards and they are preloaded with data that lasts from 30 days to twelve months.

The answer is both yes and no and really depends on how you will use the SIM. Giffgaff also uses the O2 network so the signal and 4G coverage are identical. No brainer. This gives you 1GB of data that lasts 30 days. The best data only SIM cards for value are always the ones that have longer expiry times. With EE you do tend to pay slightly higher prices but you are getting the best 4G coverage in the UK right now.

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There are no preloaded data SIM cards available that do not expire. The best SIM in terms of expiry length is the Asda SIM at days, however, their data charges are 5p per megabyte which is not the cheapest out there and this model does not work for heavier data users. The nature of pay as you go or preloaded SIM deals means that unlimited data is not an option. After that, you will receive mb of data free every month. Want more info? So do you need a PAYG data only sim? In house mobile phone expert at TigerMobiles. I head up our help and advice section; answering customer questions and queries to help them make better buying decisions.

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I specialise in cybersecurity, smartphone tech and related tech products, authoring some of our buying guides and contributing to the wider technology community. Compare Deals. Benefits of Using Mobile Data Over Public Wi-Fi Assuming you are in an area with good reception, mobile data is usually much more reliable than public wifi.

The pay as you go market for data only sims falls into three categories: Preloaded Data Only SIM Preloaded data only SIM deals are sim cards that come preloaded with a set amount of data and expire after a set time frame. Pay As You Go Data Only — Charged For Each Megabyte of Usage The traditional pay as you go setup has always been to top up your device then pay for every minute, text or megabyte of data from your balance. Cons Requires a bundle to use data at all Not the cheapest network The longest lasting pack only lasts 90 days.

Cons Smaller preloaded SIM's not great value. Pros Straightforward pricing month expiry on some deals Good 4G coverage.

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Cons Not the cheapest Poor value compared to Three. Posted by:. Brandon Ackroyd In house mobile phone expert at TigerMobiles.